Old age — it's inevitable. But just because you're finally able to order off the senior menu at IHOP doesn't mean you have to lose your zest for life. Au contraire! Here, six truly awesome videos of seniors reacting to foreign, weird, and puzzling things young people like, guaranteed to zap warm fuzzy feelings into even the iciest of hearts:

1. Grandpa answers the Call of Duty
Wee. This exuberant, 84-year-old fellow picks up an Xbox controller for the first time and knocks out a few casual rounds of Black Ops 2 and Halo with his grandson. Warning: You will smile. (Via BuzzFeed)

2. The lovey-dovey couple pretending to be monkeys on webcam
Is love real? Yes — yes it is. Exhibit A: This couple. 

3. Grandparents playing with PhotoBooth
Remember the sheer joy and inclusiveness you experienced when you first fired up your MacBook's PhotoBooth? It was like walking through a maze of funhouse mirrors without having to actually move your legs. Say cheese!

4. The grandpa puzzled by Skrillex
A concerned young man has his grandparents listen to Skrillex, Pied Piper of Bro-step, and records their reactions on video. Naturally, gramps has a few questions:

"Is that a guitar making that noise?"
"Not to be nasty, but is that considered music?"
"That's what's popular with the teenagers?"
"Can you dance to that?"

5. The grandma trying Pop Rocks for the first time
Do kids still eat Pop Rocks? I have no clue. Nonetheless, the fizzling candies provoke a mad-adorbz "Oh my gawd!" from this 82-year-old grandma, who winds up loving 'em.

6. A 90-year-old grandma enters virtual reality
The Oculus Rift, due out in 2014, portends to give users a truly immersive 3D gaming experience — seriously futuristic stuff. That's why it's especially delightful when this exuberant grandma is strapped in by her developer grandson and told to explore. "I don't believe I'm seeing this. Heavens," she says. "I'll remember you all the rest of my life after this." (Via SlashGear)

This story, first posted Jan. 13, 2013, was last updated on April 15, 2013.