The 2012 presidential race is over, and Barack Obama won. But still, the contest is something of a gift that keeps on giving... at least on the internet. Tuesday night's election inspired a raft of creativity. Here, a brief collection of the best gifs, memes, and other delightfully diverting things spawned from Election Night.

1. Put a ring on it
This is what happens when you combine an Obama victory with Beyoncé's smash hit "Single Ladies." (Via

2. Deal with it — Obama edition
An already sassy photo of the commander-in-chief gets just a bit sassier. (Via Twitter

3. Flag lady
As Obama delivered his victory speech, the internet's collective eye zeroed in on one exuberant supporter in the background with a flag in her hair. (Via BuzzFeed)

4. Beyoncé's O earrings
Bey herself took to Tumblr to show off her choice ear accessories.

5. Mourning in America
Some conservatives took Mitt Romney's loss a bit harder than others. (Via Imgur

6. Drunk Diane Sawyer
The ABC News host wasn't quite herself during the network's coverage, and many wags across the Twittersphere suggested that she was, well, drunk. It didn't take long for someone to seize the opportunity with a parody account:



7. Women voters "shut it down"
Republicans Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, who blew easy Senate wins in Missouri and Indiana by making bafflingly boneheaded comments about rape and abortion, got burned by voters. (Via Reddit)

8. Florida, Florida, Florida
Obama locked up the election relatively early, securing at least 303 electoral votes — far more than the 270 he needed to win. But in a rather odd case of history kind of repeating itself, Florida is, as of Wednesday afternoon, still counting votes. (Via Twitter)