Lowbrow entertainment
TLC's reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a spin-off of Toddlers & Tiaras, scores better ratings than several networks that aired the Republican National Convention. [Opposing Views]

Marketing, maybe
The University of Chicago uses a "Call Me Maybe" reference to woo potential applicants, writing in a letter: "I know that we just met you — and this is crazy — but here are our numbers" — before launching into a list of the school's numerical accolades. [Newser]

Seeing the light
New bionic eye technology allows an Australian woman who was blind for 30 years to see lights and shapes again. [Tecca]



American tennis fans
Andy Roddick, America's best male tennis player, announces that he is retiring after he finishes competing in the U.S. Open. [BuzzFeed]

The ivory tower
Harvard investigates 125 students for possible cheating after school officials discover strikingly similar answers on a take-home test. [New York]

A man calls the police to complain that a prostitute unexpectedly raised the price of her services after the business transaction was complete. The prostitute was arrested, and the man's charges are pending. [Gawker]

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