DC Comics confused fans last autumn when it rebooted its Justice League comic series to eliminate Superman's decades-long (but always sparky!) romance with Lois Lane. This week, all became clear when Justice League #12 (see full cover below) introduced Superman's new sex partner: His crime-fighting peer Wonder Woman. The well-toned duo celebrated their new relationship the way that only superheroes can: By flying around and making out. Writer Geoff Johns tells Entertainment Weekly that skeptical fans better adjust, because the controversial pairing is "the new status quo." Is Superman-Wonder Woman (Sponder? Wondersupes?) the hottest celebrity coupling since Brangelina? Or has DC Comics screwed up two of its most respected characters?

Superhot: This coupling is exciting, if not completely surprising, says Brian Brooks of Movieline. The two superheroes have had flings in several comic books before, but have never made it so vividly official until now. And watch out: Hollywood's affection for "hot power couples" could mean that the two iconic characters' comic-book kiss might someday "make it to the big screen."
"Wo-Supe power kiss! Superman and Wonder Woman lock lips and mess with the DC Universe"

This romance is bad for business and destined to derail: "The shift from being a headliner in her own right to being Superman’s leading lady will ultimately hurt Wonder Woman as a character," says Russ Burlingame at ComicBook.com, and DC Comics has too much invested in the Wonder Woman brand to demote her to Superman's main squeeze. But the key reason this romance will never work out? Lois Lane is part of Superman's "DNA," and his destiny. "They can't keep her on the sidelines for too long."
"Superman and Wonder Woman: Five reasons it won't work"

Break them up now — and while you're at it, break up all the other superhero couples: "Superheroes should never date each other," says Charlie Jane Anders of io9. With their larger-than life powers, superheroes need elements like earthbound love interests "to anchor them to the real world." Without a mortal partner like Lois Lane, characters like Superman and Wonder Woman become less grounded — and therefore less interesting — because they spend all their time "punching and being Cosmic."
"Why superheroes should never date each other"