One-upping the French
In South Korea, 4,000 children build the tallest Lego tower on Earth. At a height of 31.9 meters, the toy structure bests the previous record of 31.6 meters, held by France. [Tecca]

Evolving with Obama
Producer-rapper extraordinaire Jay-Z comes out in favor of gay marriage. [The Frisky]

Keeping cool under fire
A Swiss research institute designs a bullet-proof vest equipped with air conditioning. [Geekosystem]


Wiping down the crime scene
A Utah teenager is caught allegedly robbing a house after he leaves behind a backpack containing a USB drive full of his homework. [Newser

Taking a page from the Don Draper playbook
A longtime security supervisor at Newark International Airport is arrested for allegedly stealing the identity of a dead man. [Gothamist]

Double-checking the address
A Mississippi woman spends thousands buying and sprucing up a foreclosed home, only to find out that she actually bought the smaller, more damaged home next door. [Consumerist]

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