Kardashian influence
The name Mason skyrockets in popularity, becoming the second most popular baby boy name in 2011 — in part, it seems, because Kourtney Kardashian named her first son Mason in 2009. [Gawker]

An Egyptian man, who had apparently been killed by a heart attack, wakes up at his own funeral, and his family quickly changes the affair into a "welcome back" celebration. [TIME]

Random acts of kindness
A man posts his terminally-ill uncle's P.O. Box address on Reddit; he immediately receives kind words in the mail from all over the world. [The Daily What]


Carefree peeing
German scientists speculate that swimmers urinating in Germany's Eichbaum Lake could have contributed to the death of 500 fish. [Newser]

21st century multitasking
A New Jersey town begins ticketing people who are texting while walking, after a startling number of people had been hit by cars while doing so. [Consumerist]

The permanence of ownership
New research finds that 10 percent of all Corvettes built in the last 30 years have been stolen. [Business Insider]

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