The story: Italian design firm Acquacalda has a solution in search of a problem: Jeans that make it a snap to hold an impromptu solo picnic, or at least to make their wearer the object of mirth. The unambiguously named Pic Nic Pants (see photos at right and below) are essentially "denim harem capris accentuated with a fabric flap that spreads out, all plate-like, when you sit cross-legged," explains Jessica Misener at The Huffington Post. The flap functions as a table on which to rest a sandwich or chicken leg, and also boasts an adjustable drink holder that attaches to the outside of one leg.

The reaction: This design is hideously ugly, says Jada Wong at Styleite. But "we give props to Acquacalda for creating the most literal example of functional fashion" in recent memory. Let's call these jeans "impressively bizarre," says Ashley Cardiff at The Gloss. And they might just "be practical — if you're one of those people who's constantly having picnics." My only quibble: "Shouldn't they be gingham?" Judge for yourself: