The mobile computers in our pockets are getting more powerful by the day. And by 2016, there could be more souped-up smartphones and tablets than there are humans. That's according to new projections from tech titan Cisco. Here, a look at Cisco's vision of future smartphone growth, by the numbers: 

7.3 billion
Estimated world population by 2016, according to the United Nations

10 billion
Estimated number of smartphones and tablets used worldwide by 2016, according to Cisco

Mobile gadgets for every person on Earth in 2016

490 million
Smartphones sold in 2011

Factor by which data traffic from smartphones will increase by 2016

Factor by which data traffic from tablets will increase by 2016

Percent of mobile traffic dedicated to watching videos on portable devices by 2016, a 25-fold increase from today

Exabytes of worldwide data traffic in 2016. That's the rough equivalent of 33 billion DVDs, 4.3 quadrillion mp3 files, or 813 quadrillion text messages.

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