As the New England Patriots and New York Giants square off this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVI, America's estimated 113 million viewers will have something besides football and commercials on their minds: Food. At Super Bowl parties in houses and restaurants, on couches and bar stools, Americans will reliably be chowing down. Here, a by-the-numbers look at the collectively gluttonous feast Super Bowl watchers will enjoy as they watch elite athletes run up and down the gridiron in Indianapolis:

Ranking of Super Bowl Sunday among America's top eating days, after Thanksgiving

1.25 billion
Chicken wings Super Bowl watchers will polish off Sunday

100 million
Pounds of meat in those chicken wings

Percent of the year's 25 billion wings that will be consumed on Sunday

Times those Super Bowl Sunday chicken wings could circle the Earth if they were linked up in a chain

Percent of viewers who will eat chicken wings

Price per pound of wholesale chicken wings in Indianapolis, a 50 percent jump from six months ago

1.3 billion
Bottles of beer game-watchers will guzzle

48 million
People who will order takeout or delivery on Super Bowl Sunday

12 million
People who will go to a restaurant or bar to watch the big game

Percent of West Coast viewers who will watch the game in a bar or restaurant

Percent of East Coast viewers who will watch the game in a bar or restaurant

Percent of game-watchers who say a healthy food item is a must for their spread, according to the National Restaurant Association

Percent who say pizza is a game-day must-have

111 million
Viewers of last year's Super Bowl

113 million
Estimated viewers of this year's game, according to a Media Life poll

196 million
Americans who won't watch the Super Bowl

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Media Life, National Chicken Council, National Restaurant Association