Canine survival skills
A Welsh corgi named Ole miraculously showed up alive four days after being swept away by a Montana avalanche that tragically took the life of the dog's owner. [TIME]

Beating the odds
Celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking is preparing for his 70th birthday on Sunday. Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease at age 21, an affliction that most people die of within a few years of being diagnosed. [Newser]

Page turners
A new e-reader prototype gives a nod to the good old days by allowing users to physically turn the pages of whatever they're reading. The book-like device has two facing parts: An LCD monitor on the left, and a flexible rubber sheet on the right, which, when thumbed, will "turn" pages on the screen. [Discovery News]


Hungry politicians
After regular customers complained that presidential candidates' "whole kissing babies routine" was interrupting local residents' mealtimes, a restaurant in Portsmouth, N.H., introduced a "no politicians, no exceptions" policy. [The Pajama Pundit]

Toy makers' research skills
The makers of a triceratops toy were humiliated on YouTube by a young girl who mercilessly pointed out the many flaws — missplaced and missing horns, mostly — in their dinosaur design. [Gothamist]

Snow bunnies
A lack of snow is costing the winter recreation industry tens of millions of dollars. Only 19 percent of the nation has snow — less than half of what's normal at this point in the season. [CBS News]

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