The video: After two years in front of the chalkboard, Fox News "media sensation" Glenn Beck hosts his final episode of The Glenn Beck Show Thursday evening. Over the years, Beck's penchant for "wild conspiracy theories" made him one of the network's most talked-about personalities. From his persistent warnings about "the perfect storm" to his crystal clear "bottom-up, top-down, and inside-out" theory, the controversy-spinning newsman has provided his share of memorable, quotable moments. Media Matters, a media watchdog that's long trained its gaze on Beck, is marking Beck's exit with a compilation of some of the show's "looniest" moments in a 12-minute highlight reel, titled "Requiem for a Rodeo Clown." Watch the "mesmerizing" video below.

The reaction: This numbing montage of Beck's most famous catchphrases is brilliant, says Margaret Hartmann at Jezebel. "We guarantee it's the funniest, and most terrifying, video you'll see all day." The video really captures just how confusing some of Beck's rants could be, says Instinct Magazine. So please, "don't try to make sense of [it]." And, while the clearly biased clip was put together by Media Matters, an organization of "people who hate him," says Chris Rovzar at New York, it does accurately reflect Beck's "hysterical, paranoid, sometimes funny, always overdramatized style." Check it out: