The video: The first commercial for Someday, a perfume from mop-topped pop sensation Justin Bieber, has already hit the web. (Watch it below.) In the "appropriately ridiculous" ad, a young blond spritzes herself with Someday (which debuts June 20), prompting Bieber to magically appear in her bedroom. The pair are then "lifted into the sky, where they float in a loving embrace above all of the other, less smelly girls," says Sarah Anne Hughes in The Washington Post. The marketing campaign says the 17-year-old star "can't get enough" of the scent, "making those who wear it irresistible" to him.

The reaction: "Someone call Orkin: That kid is like a mosquito!" says Lindsay Ferrier at The Stir. After watching the ad, I'm afraid "that just one squirt of Someday would have me swatting at Justin Bieber" as he dive-bombs my neck. Forget bugs, says Matt Kiebus at Death + Taxes. This "bizarre" ad suggests that wearing the scent "will result in a Bieber-infused acid trip." Worse yet, says Wheelock College professor Diane Levin, as quoted by the Boston Herald, "when Justin Bieber comes out saying, 'This is what you need to do to be attractive to someone like me,' that's an incredible yet very troubling marketing tool ." Watch Bieber hawk scent: