The video: A mysterious Mexican man — known only as "Cesar of Huizache" — has sparked a fashion craze that may fall into a beyond-Gaga realm of oddity: Sequined boots with 35-inch foam extensions that curl up at the end. (Watch a video below.) In rural northeastern Mexico, home to farmers and cattle ranchers, the mystery man, who has become something of a legend, sported "insane" pointy-toed shoes that stood out among more conservative cowboy boots. Quickly, the younger generation took note, and the style spread like wildfire. Young men and teens across the country now flaunt the "half-Aladdin, all-Vegas" boots — some fashioned out of garden hoses — at discos to attract girls. It's even won some Mexicans a measure of celebrity: All-male dance troops sporting these shoes are being hired for weddings, rodeos, and TV appearances.

The reaction: "Did we miss something, or has the North Pole up and relocated to Mexico?" asks Sophie Schillaci at Zap2It. This odd elfin footwear is certainly a surprising trend, but hey, those dance crews are undeniably "fashion forward." Oh no, says Heather Chaeit at The Stir. "The Gods of Decent Footwear must be on vacation." Sadly, it's only a matter of time before those bedazzled "elf shoes on steroids" make their way to the runway, causing Rachel Zoe to go "bananas over her pointy boots." See for yourself: