The video: As part of its "Population 7 Billion" series, National Geographic produced a video revealing the most common type of face on earth. The winner: A 28-year-old Han Chinese man. There are nine million men who fit that demographic description, and artist Joe Lertola created the composite image from pictures of more than 190,000 of them. (Watch a video below.) Some miscellaneous facts about the most average person on Earth: He is right-handed, makes less than $12,000 a year, and owns a cell phone — but does not have a bank account. By 2030, demographic shifts dictate that the most common face on the planet will be Indian.
The reaction:
"Stock photography databases? It's time to change your game plan," says Dakshana Bascaramurty at the Toronto Globe and Mail. "The early middle-aged caucasian male with brown hair should no longer be the go-to 'average guy.' At least, not if you're catering to a global market." This may now be the most typical man on the planet, says Nick Greene at The Village Voice. But no doubt "his mom still thinks he's special." Some things never change. See what Earth's average person looks like: