A Scottish deerhound named Hickory — full name, Grand Champion Foxcliffe Hickory Wind — took the "Best in Show" prize at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday. Hickory has been the nation's top Scottish deerhound for three years running, but this was the first time she — or any Scottish deerhound — claimed the top honor. Hickory beat out a popular Pekinese name Malachy, along with Adam the Smooth Fox Terrier, a Portuguese water dog named Ladybug, Jayne the Chinese shar-pei, and the bearded collie Mr. Baggins. Did Hickory deserve to win? (See Hickory, the top pooch)

It is about time this breed got some recognition: "OMG! A Scottish deerhound won Westminster!" says Christie Keith at Pet Connection. Many unknowing critics dismiss these gangly and sometimes scraggly looking dogs as "ugly" and "bony." But the tall hunting dogs are "sleek" running machines and make great pets. Thank goodness someone has finally recognized "the beauty in this breed."
"And the Scottish Deerhound wins at the Garden!"

What about that adorable Pekinese? If the buzz going into the competition is any indication, says Andrea Reiher at Zap2It, Adam the Smooth Fox Terrier and Malachy the Pekinese were robbed. Both were "heavily favored" going into the Best in Show competition, which pits the winners of all the group contests against each other. Still, nobody seems to begrudge the 5-year-old Hickory her big day in her final competition before retirement.
"Westminster Dog Show 2011: Hickory the Scottish deerhound wins Best in Show"

Hickory was a crowd favorite: There's good reason for Hickory's "swift and popular victory," says Joe Jackson at Paw Nation. She was, in the words of the judge, "beautiful," and her performance in the showdown won the "adulation" of the huge crowd. "She went in there," said her handler, Angela Lloyd, "and showed like she's never shown before." There were 2,500 dogs competing at Westminster, but Hickory earned the right to be called the best.
"Scottish deerhound Hickory wins the 2011 Westminster Dog Show"