The video: The skies over New York City and El Paso, Texas, were both host to mysterious lights last month — now, it's something over Centreville, Va., that has the internet abuzz. Last Friday, a local Fox affiliate aired homemade video footage shot by Bryan Fains, who whipped out his cell phone when he noticed a mysterious blue light hovering in the sky. According to Fains, the object, which made no sound (unlike the planes flying into nearby Dulles Airport), flitted around for about 10 minutes before disappearing.
The reaction:
This "mysterious" UFO's coloring is reminiscent of the species in a certain James Cameron blockbuster, says Jon Bershad at Mediaite, and "any fans of Avatar will tell you the aliens are planning on yakking ad nauseam about the environment" if we end up communicating with them. Sadly, these probably aren't aliens, says Javier Ortega at Ghost Theory. One possible explanation is that the object was "created as a hoax by using LED lights on a kite." Watch Virginia's blue UFO: