Hoards of Apple fans are lining up today in hopes of purchasing the newly released iPhone 4. Marketed as the world's thinnest smartphone, the latest iteration of Apple's blockbuster device boasts a faster processor, two cameras (one front-facing for video calls), high definition video recording capabilities and a much sharper display. With the tech blogosphere emitting a chorus of oohs and ahs, exclusive carrier AT&T says it has received 10 times as many pre-orders for this model as it did for the iPhone 3GS. Does the iPhone 4 set a new standard for smartphones? (Watch the crowds of customers outside the 5th Avenue Apple store)

It's head and shoulders above the competition: "The iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market," says Joshua Topolsky in Engadget. Its "combination of gorgeous new hardware," an "amazing display, upgraded cameras, and major improvements to the operating system make this an extremely formidable package." Of course, "the hyper-accelerated smartphone market" means "the Next Big Thing" is likely just around the corner. But for now, iPhone 4 is the cream of the crop.
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If only it had a better carrier...: The new iPhone is "beautiful," says Walter S. Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. AT&T's subpar network, however, remains a crucial problem. Despite improvements to the phone's antenna, reception remains a "mixed bag." For this reason, "I can't recommend this new iPhone for voice calling." Point blank: "Apple needs a second network."
"New iPhone keeps Apple top of class"

"Best" is a relative thing: The new iPhone certainly has much to recommend it, says David Pogue in The New York Times. But it's not going to be everything to everyone. To wit: "The technically inclined may find greater flexibility and choice among its Android rivals, like the HTC Incredible and Evo."
"New iPhone arrives, rivals beware"