When Rush Limbaugh, the liberal-baiting lord of talk radio, married Kathryn Rogers in a lavish ceremony over the weekend, much of the buzz focused on Limbaugh's hired-gun wedding singer: The openly gay Sir Elton John, who  reportedly received $1 million for his services. Was it wrong for John to serenade America's most notorious conservative?

How dare Elton take Limbaugh's tainted cash: Limbaugh is not only a homophobe but a gay baiter, who has repeatedly "used his radio show to taunt queer public officials, public citizens and even families," says Ryan Tedder at Queerty. It's not like the multi-millionaire John needs the money, either. By "directly supporting Mr. Limbaugh and his endeavors," he has lost our respect.
"Is it so terrible that Elton John made $1 million performing for Rush Limbaugh?"

One million dollars is a hell of a unifying factor: Elton and Rush do indeed make "odd bedfellows," says Doug Powers at MichelleMalkin.com. But there's a simple reason why the singer took the job. "Capitalism." We respect Elton for not letting his politics getting in the way of business. If anything, it's testament to the unifying nature of our financial system: "Capitalism... can bring people from all walks of life together."
"Rush to the Altar — And the wedding singer is..."

Actually, neither man is a proponent of gay marriage: Their social views aren't all that different, says conservative blogger Cubachi. Far from being a homophobe, Rush "believes homosexuality to be biological, and is supportive of civil unions." Elton John, on the other hand, has said he's content with a civil partnership and that gay activists have "put people off" by using the word "marriage."
"Rush and Elton John have same stance on gay marriage"