The Apple rumor mill is spinning again: According to Tech Crunch, Steve Jobs may have a second, "bigger" version of the iPad in development. The mysterious gadget is said to have a 15.4-inch screen and run on OS X, the same operating system that powers Macs (iPad 1.0 has a 9.7-inch sceen and runs on iPhone software). Tech bloggers are expecting a product announcement as early as June. Does Apple have a near-term surprise up its sleeve? (Watch the best and worst amateur iPad ads)

This makes perfect sense: The important thing to remember, says Taimur Asad at Redmond Pie, "is that Microsoft and [Hewlett Packard] are already working on a" Windows-based tablet device very much in the vein of this rumored new version of the iPad. With the competition already headed in this direction, it's safe to assume Apple has a more ambitious version of the iPad in the works.
"OS X based iPad tablet to release later this year?"

You can't always trust the rumors: "If you weren't satisfied by" the iPad, says Ian Paul in PC World, then the "MacPad" might be the answer. Problem is, it might not exist. "There are also rumors about a 22-inch touchscreen iMac coming soon, so keep in mind that tablet rumors could just be crossing streams with rumblings about the new iPad."
"Apple tablet rumors: They're baaaack!"

For Apple, this is the easy part:
"How hard could it be to release another, more powerful iPad anyway?" asks tech blogger Mike in Nexus 404. "Apple has already handled the more difficult task" of creating the iPad from scratch, so it's "safe to assume" they can easily increase the device's "size" and "firepower" without too much trouble.
"Apple developing max OS X-based Apple iPad?"


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