After enduring a string of disses against its iPhone, Apple joined the month-long battle between Droid carrier, Verizon and iPhone carrier, AT&T this week — releasing two advertisements highlighting AT&T’s “simultaneous voice and data connection” capabilities, a feature Verizon’s network fails to offer. Is it wise for Apple to step in the ring? (Watch Apple's counter-attack spots here and also here)

Absolutely — AT&T needs the help: After AT&T dropped the ball by responding to Verizon's "There's a map for that" attack with their “lame” and “childish” Luke Wilson ad, says Jared Newman in, Apple has wisely moved the debate in a “different direction." By dramatizing AT&T's "simultaneous voice and data" advantage, Apple gives customers “real-world examples” of why the iPhone carrier is superior.
“Apple iPhone Ad Succeeds where AT&T Fails”

These new Apple ads miss the mark:
Apple's new spots fail to address AT&T customers main concerns such as dropped calls and poor 3G coverage, argues Derrell Etherington on The Apple Blog. To defeat the “clever work coming out of Verizon’s camp” the two companies are going to have to “get their acts together.” Here’s a quick tip: “A little Hodgman goes a long way.”
“New iPhone Ads from Apple Jab at Verizon”

This is just the beginning of the war: Apple had no choice but to join the fight, says Chris Matyszczyk on, especially after Verizon “decided it would be fun” to explicitly attack the iPhone. Apple “doesn’t mention the Droid or Verizon by name” so far, but get ready: Before this bout comes to a close, we'll inevitably see “more [explicit] accusations, more bickering, and more attempted one-upmanship."
“New Apple ads to Verizon: Can Droid do this?”



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