It seemed the Washington Redskins would be able to keep their much-protested name after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by a Native American group. But now the Skins are facing another lawsuit renewing charges that the team-name is racist. Enterprising journalists and bloggers are already brainstorming alternatives:

1. Washington Nationals: "Sharing a nickname [in this case with the local baseball franchise] didn't hurt the New York football Giants back when there was the New York baseball Giants, did it?" (The Washington Times)

2. Washington 90: "Like 'Hawaii Five-0.' Say it: Washington 9-0. Pretty cool, no? But what does it mean? Silly question. Everyone knows the city was founded in 1790." (The Washington Times)

3. Washington Power: "[Power is] the city's greatest commodity, and [the name's] got that hip, trendy, no-'s'-at-the-end-of-it thing." (The Washington Times)

4. Washington Red Skin Potatoes: "A loophole. They still could be called the Red Skins, but it would mean an eatable tuber, not people. The logo could be a flaming potato shaped like a football." (The Washington Times)

5. Washington Jepziwok: "Chippewa for 'great athletes'." (

6. Washington Matwesaso: A word that means 'courageous' in the native Nanticoke dialect — "a relevant choice because the Nanticokes were the dominant tribe of the Potomac region." (

7. Washington Wohnata:
"Lakota Sioux for 'they are champions'." (

8. Washington Idini:
"Apache for 'like thunder'." (

9. Washington Dragons: "As in Dungeons and Dragons, which I’m pretty sure [team owner Dan Snyder] played a lot as a kid." (Surrounded by 'Skins)

10. Washington Brawlers: "Random and awesome" (Super Massive Blog)

11. Washington Reapers: "Scary." (Super Massive Blog)

12. Washington Federals: "[Would] finish the trifecta started by the Nationals/Capitals." (Super Massive Blog)

13. Washington Americans: "Too patriotic? Never. America’s team playing America's game." (Super Massive Blog)

13. Washington Warriors: "In line with the American Indian [theme] without being racist. [Unfortunately the team] would share a name with a generally unsuccessful NBA franchise." (Mr Irrelevant)

14. Washington Hogs: "Definitively Washington football; reminds us of glory days." (Mr Irrelevant)

15. Washington Monks: "[Admittedly arbitrary, but] this is just how much we love [former Redskins wide receiver] Art Monk." (Mr Irrelevant)

16. Washington Warhawks: "Lends itself well to awesome gameday hairstyles." (Mr Irrelevant)

17. DC Comets: "Now there's a name!" (Bleacher Report)

Landover Feathers: "Folks (at least Virginia-based ones) aren't happy with either the stadium's location [in Landover, MD] or the team's performance. The name hits on both issues." (The Washington Post)

19. Washington Skins: "The logo would be a variety of colors representing all peoples and the words to 'Hail to the Redskins' could easily be modified." (The Washington Post)