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Results: Recently, two pilots overshot their destination—Minneapolis— by 150 miles. Later they explained that they had been busy on line, absorbed in flight crew scheduling details. We asked you what announcement they could have made to reassure their passengers. You flew in under the radar with –
FIRST PRIZE: “As an extra gift to our frequent flyer members we are providing you with an additional 300 miles at no cost.’’
Matt Gough, Occidental, CA (and others)
“Folks, this is your former Captain speaking.”
Mae Jones, Federal Way, WA
“Do we have any ‘Lost’ fans out there?’’
Terry Kayden, Nyack, NY
Folks, that was SOME flock of geese we avoided!
Brian White, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Hey folks, on account of passenger request to see the director’s cut of today’s movie, we are taking the long way home.
Edward Chiorazzi, Carmel, CA
Folks, Northwest recently asked all employees to go the extra mile for you. I think we misunderstood.
Kristin Borsenik, Northville, MI
Guys, this is Tommy Matthews. My dad is the pilot on this plane and he promised me for my 11th birthday I could…oh never mind. I have to stop. Have a nice day.
David Klein, Frisco, TX
Don’t worry folks, we won’t be charging you anything extra for this unintended detour. Unless, of course, you checked a bag.
Cathy Curtis, Finksburg, MD
Special one-time-only 10% discount on all snacks!
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA
Good news! We have quarterback Brett Favre flying with us today. Bad news is, once again, he couldn’t decide where he was going…
Carol Pehrson, Forest City, IA (and others)
The bad news is, folks, we overshot our destination by 150 miles. The good news is that this should give your luggage time to catch up with you!
Doug McKenzie, Santa Barbara, CA
This is your captain speaking. As we flew over the Grand Canyon an hour ago, passengers on the left side of the plain enjoyed a magnificent view. Now those of you on the right side will have the same wonderful opportunity.
Barbara Engel, Glencoe, IL
Not only did you just get two free hours of cloud watching, I just saved $200 on my car insurance by getting it online!
Brian Rhoads, West Chester, OH
Ladies and Gentlemen, your pilot has just completed his Christmas shopping!
Dallas Lea, Poughkeepsie, NY
If any passenger can recognize Minneapolis from the air, please press your call button.
John H. Hachmeister, Georgetown, TX
What -- you’ve never missed an exit when you were driving?
Kristy Rimwood, Owings Mills, MD
Sorry we’re late. I overslept.
Gary Danies, National City, CA
The distance to Minneapolis was increased today. A delay in arrival is expected. Beer six dollars, nuts four dollars. Cash only.
Terry Davis, Troutdale, OR