Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "is coy about her future political plans," said Inside Radio (hat tip to Memeorandum), but she's reportedly open to trying something new—hosting a syndicated radio show. "Coming to radio would be an ironic twist for Palin," who accused the media of "making things up" about her after she became the Republican vice presidential candidate last year (watch Sarah Palin's media criticism in her farewell speech). But Palin representatives are "quietly testing the waters" to see if radio syndicators are interested.

"What’s to 'test'?" asked Allahpundit in Hot Air. A Sarah Palin radio show will "draw the entire conservative base and a goodly chunk of the Left as they tune in to channel the hate. Pay her whatever she wants and sign the deal."

If Sarah Palin "wants a future in national politics," said Alex Koppelman in Salon, a Sarah Palin radio show would be a good way to "keep her in touch with a devoted base, and keep her name in the news. But there's a lot of airtime to fill in a regular radio show, and a lot of ad-libbing: That could end up being a godsend for opposition researchers."