Glenn Beck’s appearance on “The View” “did NOT go well,” said Jason Linkins in The Huffington Post. First Whoopi Goldberg calls the Fox News pundit a “lying sack of dog mess,” then Barbara Walters “freaks out on him for claiming to be a reporter and yet not bothering to check his facts.” And it went downhill from there. (watch Glenn Beck spar with the women of “The View”)

Beck tried apologizing when Walters and Goldberg accused him of mischaracterizing on his radio show a conversation they once had with him on a train, said Patricia Murphy in Politics Daily. It didn’t help. Walters moved on to making fun of Beck’s “penchant for crying on the air.” Beck, poor man, said, “I’m on the quintessential chick show and you’re making fun of me for crying.”

There are often “heated discussions” when Fox News personalities go on “The View,” said Steve Krakauer in Mediabistro, but this “appearance by Glenn Beck was in a different category.” Walters and Goldberg “immediately confronted” Beck when he stepped onto the set, and the grilling continued when his segment ended and they kept him around for a second one.