What happened
Black Eyed Peas member Fergie performed four songs on the Today show on Tuesday, in front of a live audience in Rockefeller Center’s Dean & Deluca Plaza in New York City. But her performance has stirred a debate in the blogosphere over whether or not her outfit and act was appropriate for the family-friendly morning show.

What the commentators said
Does Fergie know her audience at all? said Amelie Gillette in the A.V. Club’s blog The Hater. “Most performers would stand on the Today show stage in Rockefeller Center, look out at the dozens of sweat-shirted tourists holding signs, 8th graders on class trips, and families with small children who consider Al Roker’s humor to be ‘spicy,’ and decide to tone down their act. After all, it is a morning show, and the kids are three feet away.”

Well, it’s probably the last time it will happen, said the Moviezzz Blog, as it’s unlikely that the Today show will ever invite Fergie back. It’s one thing to wear leather pants, crawl around “like a stripper,” and make “all sorts of moans” during “a concert,” but not on “morning TV” with “that type of audience. It was wrong.” But “you have to love the one-armed flips—that was pretty cool.”

Fergie had to do something outrageous, said the blog Gossip Girls. “Following last week’s New Kids on the Block spectacle,” she “had her work cut out for her. But as always, she brought her A-game.” And the crowd didn’t seem to mind Fergie’s “skin-tight latex pants and leather boots”—when she arrived onstage, they “erupted.”

(View video footage of Fergie's performance here)