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The changing of the leaves means changing the wardrobe, too. Here are a few ideas to add variety to a man’s closet for fall.

The Pennsylvania Tuxedo
The 175-year-old outerwear brand Woolrich gives this cheeky nickname to its signature red-and-black plaid hunting outfit. It recently recruited designer Daiki Suzuki to give the Tuxedo this new twist.
Price: $179. Contact: Woolrich.com
Source: Field and Stream

Gucci Leather Hiking Boot
Gucci has created a finely crafted pair of boots meant to be durable enough for the trails and sleek enough for the streets.
Price: $795
Contact: Gucci.com
Source: The New York Times Style Magazine

DSquared2 Down Puffer Vest
The puffy vest has resurfaced this fall, and designers from DSquared2 to Michael Bastian are turning out colorful variations. Warm yet lightweight, DSquared2’s version is made of Italian nylon and fully lined with down. Price: $845
Contact: Saksfifthavenue.com
Source: The New York Times Style Magazine

Dr. Martens Yohji Strap Boot
Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, “known for his love for black,” has added inside zippers, pointed toes, and buckled straps to a nearly obsolete clunker. Price: $600.
Contact: Drmartens.com
Source: Los Angeles Times

Mountain Hardwear Stimulus
This 5-ounce wonder won’t add another heavy layer to your bundling-up this season, thanks to a “super-lightweight shell that blocks water on the outside without trapping your sweat on the inside.”
Price: $175
Contact: Mountainhardwear.com
Source: National Geographic Adventure

Tip of the week ... how to cheat death

Live longer without really working at it.

Indulge yourself. Eat dark chocolate and drink red wine to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. While you’re at it, have more sex, because “frequent orgasms (at least two a week)” cut the risk of premature death in half.

Teach your brain new tricks. Mental decline is neither inevitable nor irreversible. Any stimulating activity, from completing a Sudoku puzzle to learning a new language, “can create new neural connections and improve memory.”

Push that plate away when you’re 80 percent full. By modestly cutting back “between an eighth and a fourth of calories,” you’ll lower metabolism and insulin levels and avoid damage to cellular DNA.

Be a pal. Women tend to live five years longer than men, and research shows it may be because they are “better at forming and maintaining emotional connections with relatives and friends.”
Source: Best Life

And for those who have everything . . .

The Nissan Pino brings the phrase “Pimp my ride” to a whole new level—junior high school. Forget features like GPS or heated seats: The Pino’s accessories include a syrupy selection of stuffed animals, patterned seat covers, handbags, stickers, and CD cases. Named after “Disney’s darling little liar, Pinocchio,” the Pino might just be the “most kawaii (cute) auto ever.” 
Price: $8,000
Contact: Nissanglobal.com
Source: Wired

The Internet . . . downloading movies online

In this crowded field, the options are always changing.

itunes.com connects you to Apple’s iTunes Store, which sells approximately 500 movies for $10 to $15 each. They can be copied to as many as five PCs and  “unlimited iPods.”

Unbox.com, home of Amazon Unbox, offers around 6,000 movies. Buy or rent a film for $3 to $23, and you can watch it on one computer. In our trial, though, “the software crashed during playback.” TiVO owners will be glad they can watch movies through Unbox on their TVs.

Cinemanow.com promises higher-fidelity images than either iTunes or Unbox. “Picture quality started out good, but later got choppy—requiring a restart.” Rentals start at $3, purchases at $10, and you can copy films to three PCs or portable viewers.
Source: Popular Science


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