Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba, and Panteros666 — these are the members of Club cheval, a Parisian group that has released two EPs, both of which seamlessly combine elements of house, hip-hop, and R&B.

"Discipline," the group's latest single, is a clubby anthem that lays lyrics about unabashed hedonism over a slick, emphatic beat. Though it's a song that's sure to soundtrack many fashionable nights out, the group confessed an unlikely source of inspiration for the track: the saxophone. "The main lead is done with an analog synth," the band said in an email to The Week, "but the sound and the melody are really inspired by our favorite saxophone tracks."

Frequently deemed too jazzy or cheesy, the instrument is often "overlooked," the band continued. Rejecting the sax's somewhat gaudy reputation, Club cheval embraces the instrument and the variety it offers. "We have always been big fans of [finding] inventive ways of using it, either for club or slow tracks."

In an effort to give the instrument the glory it deserves, here are six saxophone songs that helped inspire "Discipline."

1. Karlos Mendez, "Sex-A-Phone"
"Mendez is Emmanuel Top's brother, a figure of north of France's electronic scene. This track is a piece of our regional history."

2. Guido, "Mad Sax"
"We are really inspired by Bristol's emotional melodic scene called Purple Step. This is one of our favorite tracks from that scene."

3. Jennifer Lopez, "Get Right"
"It's impressive how producers Harrison and Cory Rooney sampled Maceo Parker and created that legendary hook."

4. Rune RK, "Calabria"
"About that lead — there's really nothing more to say than, 'Wow!' It's the most famous sax lead in club music."

5. 808 State, "Pacific 202"
"It's a classic house track from Manchester. We love that kind of clumsy, de-tuned lead."

6. "Sax On Da Beach" Riddim Mix, Keepleft Records
"Panteros666 and Sam Tiba are dancehall and reggae heads. We love the concept of riddims being used by a bunch of artists. As amateurs of word plays, the 'Sax On Da Beach' name also wins."

Discipline EP is out now on Bromance/Parlophone Records.

(This interview was condensed and edited by Stephanie Talmadge.)

Listen to "Discipline" by Club cheval below:

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