1. Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask ($67)

The effect on your skin of wearing this mask through the night is "equivalent to accidentally doing your laundry on the hot water cycle," says Erin Lukas at InStyle. You will wake to firmer, smoother skin. Buy it at Amazon.

2. This Works Sleep Plus Dream Body ($46)

Anti-aging potions aren't just for your face. This full-body cream is formulated with retinol and essential oils like lavender and chamomile to soothe and "de-age" irritated skin while helping promote better sleep, Allure magazine reports. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Me Glow Beauty Boosting Pillowcase ($47)

Fight wrinkles while you snooze using a pillowcase with copper-infused thread. Copper ions promote skin renewal, according to dermatologists, and the pillowcase fabric feels like your skin should, says W magazine: "sturdy, yet smooth to the touch." Buy it at Amazon.

4. Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask ($50)

City dwellers worried about the effect of air pollution on their skin will appreciate this intensive repairing mask, which is packed with restorative ingredients like rice germ, millet seed, and strawberry seed. Buy it at Amazon.

5. StriVectin All Smooth Anti-Frizz Serum ($35)

Banish unwanted frizz and flyaways with this overnight hair hydrator, which repairs damage from root to tip with hydrolyzed oat and milk proteins. Just comb it into damp hair and hit the pillow. Buy it at Nordstrom.

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