1. Polaroid OneStep 2 ($100)

"The Polaroid instant camera is back." A decade after it vanished, the iconic point-and-shoot is being reintro­duced Oct. 16 by the Dutch company that bought the brand. Updates include USB charging — "and that's about it." Buy it at Best Buy.

2. Tivoli Model One ($150)

Listening to music by tuning in a Tivoli analog radio "feels alarmingly civil." The time-tested Model One has tidy knobs and a handsome walnut cabinet, and "the sound quality is great." For Bluetooth connectivity, add $30. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Big Chill Induction Range ($4,995)

Big Chill specializes in retro-style appliances, and this range has all the modern conveniences, including true convection and a Power Booster function that'll boil a gallon of water in under 5 minutes. Buy it at Big Chill.

4. Super Nintendo Classic Edition ($80)

Encouraged by last year's "insanely successful" NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has now released a miniaturized version of 1990's Super Nintendo. Don't worry about dusty cartridges — the console comes preloaded with 21 classic 16-bit games. Buy it at Nintendo.

5. Qwerkywriter ($250)

There are cheaper mechanical Bluetooth keyboards, but this sturdy metal throwback offers "truly old-school inspiration." It includes a stand for a tablet, but can also pair with a laptop or desktop ­computer. Buy it at Qwerkywriter.

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