The daily gossip: Sia is under fire for her new movie, Edward Norton gets creative with a toilet paper analogy, and more

Jeva Lange
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Sia criticized for portrayal of autism in her forthcoming movie Music

Sia defended her forthcoming movie, Music, on Friday after many expressed concern over the decision to cast Maddie Ziegler as a character with nonverbal autism. "Did you talk to anyone who's disabled about their feelings towards this film?" asked one person after the trailer was released. Sia responded that "there are 13 people on the spectrum in the movie" and said she "spent three f--ing years researching" it, even as others took issue with the involvement of the controversial organization Autism Speaks. Another Twitter user alleged that "several autistic actors, myself included," had volunteered to be in the movie but "zero effort was made to include anyone who is actually autistic." Sia responded by writing "maybe you're just a bad actor," and vented later, "F--kity f--k why don't you watch my film before you judge it? FURY." [Page Six, Vulture]


Cardi B can't even be sexy in peace!

Can't a woman have a minute to post a thirst trap? Cardi B recently shared a flirtatious video on Instagram, mugging for the camera in a plunging corset and biting on her pinky finger coquettishly. But midway through the video, she is interrupted by the pounding of tiny feet. "Mommy?" squeaks a little voice nearby. "Yes?" Cardi answers just as her 2-year-old daughter Kulture's head pokes into the frame. Cardi B turned off the camera to go back to being a mom, and hilariously captioned the video: "I can't even be sexy in peace." [Hollywood Life]


Drake Bell, adios. Drake Campana … hola.

The year 2020 has been a weird one, but to quote one Twitter user, "Drake Bell changing his name to Drake Campana and only making music in Spanish and tweeting in Spanish is maybe the weirdest thing to happen this year." The former Drake & Josh star has said in the past that his 2006 album It's Only Time "did really well" in Latin America, and it appears he's, uh, really leaning into that. Last year, Bell posted a photo of an ID listing a Mexican address and his name as Drake Campana — "Campana" being the Spanish word for "Bell." Twitter fans reacted to Bell's slow transformation this week with jokes and memes but hey, his Juanes cover isn't half bad! [Complex]


Edward Norton compares Trump to '10-ply-super-soft' toilet paper

Edward Norton went off on Trump on Friday, using both an extended poker metaphor and a bathroom analogy. The actor started by claiming Trump is in "a desperate endgame" but "he doesn't have the cards." Norton explained, "His bluff after 'the flop' has been called in court. His 'turn card' bluff will be an escalation & his 'River card' bluff could be really ugly. But they have to be called." Norton wasn't finished: "I will allow that he's also a whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy, vindictive little 10-ply-super-soft b---h who no doubt is just throwing a wicked pout fest & trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger to the whole country for pure spite, without a single thought for the dead & dying." Now tell us how you really feel! [Vulture]


Jay-Z invests in Peloton rival after Beyoncé inks multi-year deal with the stationary bike company

All's fair in love and war ... and fitness startups. Jay-Z is reportedly investing in CLMBR, which is basically the vertical climbing version of the stationary-bike company Peloton. Of course, that has the potential to make things a little competitive at home, since his wife, Beyoncé, recently inked a multi-year partnership with Peloton to help curate themed classes. Still, Jay-Z isn't alone among celebs in putting his trust in the luxury climbing machine, joining tennis star Novak Djokovic in the investment. CLMBR starts shipping next year for a preorder price of $2,999 if you, like Jay-Z, think having what is essentially a very fancy ladder in your home gym sounds cool. [TMZ, Complex]