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a tale of two former presidents

Trump celebrates the resignation of 'world-class sleazebag' Jeff Zucker

Though the rest of the Twittersphere appears gobsmacked by Jeff Zucker's abrupt decision to step down as president of CNN, there's at least one public figure ready to celebrate the news.

"Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag who has headed ratings and real-news-challenged CNN for far too long, has been terminated for numerous reasons, but predominately because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else," former President Donald Trump — who else would it be? — wrote in a statement.

The executive stepped down after a probe into former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo revealed Zucker had a consensual relationship with a colleague and did not disclose it as required.

"Now is a chance to put fake news in the backseat because there may not be anything more important than straightening out the horrendous lamestream media in our country, and in the case of CNN, throughout the world," Trump wrote. "Jeff Zucker is gone — congratulations to all!"

It appears, however, as pointed out by muliple news outlets, that Trump is forgetting the connection between his career and Zucker's. For one thing, reports Al Jazeera, Zucker's "programming decisions helped cement [Trump's] status as a pop culture icon and propel him to the White House." Zucker also reportedly "famously loved the ratings Trump delivered" for CNN, writes Mother Jones, also noting that it was Zucker who brought Trump in as the face of The Apprentice while at NBC.

Well, with friends like these ...