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Peru's new president sworn in after country's ex-leader is impeached and arrested

Dina Boluarte was sworn in on Wednesday as Peru's first woman president, following hours of political chaos.

Boluarte, 60, formerly served as vice president. Her swearing in came on a tumultuous day, which began with former President Pedro Castillo, 53, moving to shut down the legislature by decree before it could hold his impeachment trial. Ministers from his own party and the opposition accused Castillo of attempting a coup, and many resigned from their posts in protest.

Congress held the impeachment trial, and Castillo was removed from office, with 101 votes in favor of impeachment, six against, and 10 abstentions. Peru's public ministry announced on Wednesday evening that Castillo has been arrested and accused of "rebellion" for breaking the constitutional order.

Castillo's term began in July 2021, and he survived two earlier impeachment attempts. He most recently was accused of leading a "criminal organization" that profited from state contracts and blocked investigations, and last week, Congress asked Castillo to respond to the allegations. He claimed he was being targeted by opponents seeking "to take advantage and seize the power that the people took from them at the polls."