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Rescue cat makes it to the top of New Hampshire's 48 tallest mountains

In New Hampshire, there are 48 4,000-foot peaks, and Floki the rescue cat has now reached the summit of each one.

She hasn't done it on her own — during every journey, Floki was safely ensconced in a backpack, carried to the top by her owner Mel Elam. When she does walk along a trail, Floki is on a leash. 

Elam adopted Floki from a shelter last year, and they almost immediately started spending much of their time together in the great outdoors. It took the pair nine months to hit all the mountains, and they documented their adventures on Facebook. Elam told WMUR that the duo's dedicated fans were worried that this would be the end of their escapades, but "we're still going to be out there," she said.

Having tackled the tallest mountains in New Hampshire, Elam said she and Floki will now start hiking up the "52 With A View" – mountains that have elevations under 4,000 feet with spectacular views.