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ISIS reportedly releases guide to raising an extremist baby

"Sister's Role in Jihad," a guide for mothers raising jihadi babies, has surfaced online. It appears to be an indoctrination handbook that instructs mothers in the best methods to raise an extremist child.

The U.S-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) published the book "ahead of a new report condemning how children are being indoctrinated into radical Islam," the Daily Mail reports. According to the Mail, the book advises that children be trained to play with toy guns, shown jihadi websites, read jihadi bedtime stories, and encouraged to participate in sports such as darts to improve their aim. It bans singing, dancing, and most sports, and features images of young boys holding guns, Islamic banners, even a severed head.

The guide was posted anonymously on a file-sharing site and its authors are unknown, though according to the Mail, "it is thought to be used by ISIS and other terror groups."