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Cleveland police union defends misbehaving officer by listing other cops who did worse things

The Cleveland Police Department has been under intense scrutiny since the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old who was killed by a police officer over what turned out to be a toy Airsoft rifle.

Now, a recent statement from the police union may add fuel to protesters' fire. After an officer was fired for getting into a drunken bar fight, losing his weapon and badge, and failing to mention it to his supervisor, the union successfully fought to return him to the force by listing other cops who did worse things and didn't lose their jobs.

"The officers cited in the other cases have committed assaults, domestic violence, theft, felony offenses, untruthfulness, and other violent crimes, and have been allowed to keep their jobs with the city," said the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association. One officer even smeared animal feces all over her apartment to spite her landlord.