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Libby Lane named Church of England's first female bishop

The Rev. Libby Lane, a parish priest since 1994, has been named the Church of England's first female bishop.

"This is unexpected and very exciting," Lane said in a statement. "On this historic day as the Church of England announces the first woman nominated to be bishop, I am very conscious of all those who have gone before me, women and men, who for decades have looked forward to this moment. But most of all I am thankful to God."

Lane is one of eight clergywomen from the church elected as participant-observers in the House of Bishops, The Guardian reports, and she has been a bishop's selection adviser for a decade. Her husband, George, is also a priest, and they were one of the first married couples in the Church of England to be ordained together. She has two adult children and enjoys playing the saxophone and doing crossword puzzles.