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Here's what police planned to say if Darren Wilson was indicted

On Nov. 24, a grand jury chose not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. While the decision brought "no joy or victory on the part of Officer Darren Wilson or law enforcement officers," according to a statement from the Fraternal Order of Police, "it does bring a sense of relief and a hope that this community can begin to heal from its wounds."

But what would the police have said if Wilson were indicted? BuzzFeed dug up archived documents on the organization's website, which had two statements prepared for that outcome. Both statements, which refer to Brown's death as "a tragedy," stand firmly behind Wilson and assert that the justice system will ultimately clear him of all charges. From one of the unused releases:

This is what due process looks like: it is messy, it can be long and it can be frustrating. But we believe that, ultimately, justice does prevail. Officer Wilson is innocent until proven guilty and we will continue to defend and support him as he fights these charges at a fair trial. It is our hope and expectation that he will ultimately be cleared of the charges brought against him today. [BuzzFeed]

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