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Panda mom and her triplets are reunited in China

The only surviving panda triplets in the world were reunited with their mother on Tuesday, after keepers at China's Chimelong Safari Park decided she could handle raising her 134-day-old boys and girl.

When the cubs were born, Juxiao could only deal with one at a time, so keepers rotated them out, and took care of the tiny pandas that weren't with their mother. During the last two weeks, Juxiao began to care for two at a time, and after getting her prepared, all three of the now walking and teething triplets were put into her care.

"Everybody was holding their breath at that moment," Dong Guixin, the park's general manager, told NBC News. "One of the three was very nervous and stayed at the gate. Mother Juxiao waited for a moment and then went to her baby. Then she hugged the baby like humans do, we felt so moved. Personally, I think it is a success."