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Remaining Hong Kong protest sites will be cleared

Remaining Hong Kong protest sites will be cleared

After three of Hong Kong's Occupy co-founders surrendered to the police, the remaining Hong Kong protest sites will be shut down.

Hong Kong authorities will clear the pro-democracy protesters' main camp in the Admirality district this week, according to an official order posted Tuesday in local newspapers. Protests have raged in Hong Kong for more than two months as activists urge China to hold fair and democratic elections for Hong Kong's chief executive in 2017.

The order affects the protesters' camps on major roads that lead to government offices and the People's Liberation Army headquarters. The order was announced after a local bus company, All China Express, ordered an injunction against the protesters. Hong Kong's High Court announced that the protesters have until Thursday to clear the sites.

"Obviously some people will still be there no matter what," Paul Tse, a lawyer representing the bus company, told Time's Elizabeth Barber, who is reporting from Hong Kong. "But we are trying to appeal to them to comply with the order." --Meghan DeMaria

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