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With its new digital menu, Pizza Hut is trying to read your mind

At Pizza Hut, you can let your eyes do the talking.

The company is testing out technology that it calls the "world's first subconscious menu." Instead of verbally ordering a pizza, customers stare at a digital menu featuring 20 different toppings, and a pizza is built based on which toppings you stare at the longest. In case you end up looking at an ingredient in horror or confusion for so long it gets added to your pizza, there is a reset button.

Pizza Hut thinks this will revolutionize the ordering process. "Finally the indecisive orderer and the prolonged menu peruser can cut time and always get it right, so that the focus of dining can be on the most important part — the enjoyment of eating," the company said in a statement. It took six months of retina-scanning development and "psychological research" for the tablet to come into existence, The Washington Post reports, and for now, it's just being tested in 300 restaurants across the U.K.