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U.S. Airways told one pig it could not fly after the animal became 'disruptive'

A "disruptive" pig and its owner were removed from a U.S. Airways plane at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Wednesday, The Associated Press reports.

A female passenger initially brought the pig aboard with her as an emotional support animal, but the pair were asked to leave the flight before it departed. One fellow passenger, Jonathan Skolnik, told the AP he thought at first that the woman was carrying a duffel bag.

"It's no duffel bag but rather a stout PIG…on a leash," he realized. "It gets worse: The pig (was) incontinent."

Emotional support animals are allowed on commercial flights so long as they are not disruptive, according to a spokeswoman for American Airlines. Incontinence appears to fall into the "disruptive" category.