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no, mr. bond, i expect you to die

Watch an inventor fire his terrifying, 007-inspired laser watch

Aspiring Double-0 Agents need a few key accessories: a fancy car, a spotless tuxedo, and a constant stream of well-made martinis. But one inventor has taken 007 fandom to the next level by designing a working laser watch that would make Q Branch proud.

Patrick Priebe, the owner of a company called Laser Gadgets, has devised a laser watch that bears a striking similarity to the one used by James Bond in Goldeneye. Priebe's laser is powerful enough to pop balloons, light matches, and burn a clean hole through a piece of plastic:

In an interview with CNet, Priebe said he has no plans to sell the watch. But aspiring Qs can take a crack at designing their own; Priebe says it took him between 40 to 50 hours and $200 in materials.