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Jennifer Aniston: 'Rachel' haircut happened when stylist was 'stoned'

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the secret behind the legendary "Rachel" haircut.

Aniston appeared on the Graham Norton Show and joked that the Friends hairstyle occurred when the stylist was "stoned out of his mind."

"Chris McMillan, who we all know and love, he was loaded when he gave me the haircut," Aniston said. "Stoned out of his mind, so, which is true, and he didn't think about, 'Oh, she's going to have to do this herself.'" She added that the style was "hair hell," because it required "being creative" with a round brush and a hair dryer.

If Aniston herself had trouble recreating the look, at least you don't have to feel as bad that you weren't able to emulate it at home. Watch the clip below, and as a bonus, find out why that Friends reunion isn't going to happen anytime soon. --Meghan DeMaria