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'Like I was on ecstasy': When Bob Dylan is giving a concert only for you

Fredrik Wikingsson may be one of the only people ever to get a solo Bob Dylan concert. Dylan wasn't playing solo — he had his band on stage — but Wikingsson was the only person in the Philadelphia Academy of Music concert hall on Sunday afternoon, Rolling Stone says, and that was the point.

The 41-year-old TV personality from Stockholm, a huge Dylan fan, convinced his filmmaker friend Anders Helgeson to let him be the subject of Helgeson's latest Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone) film series, which captures people experiencing things by themselves that are usually reserved for large crowds.

"I was smiling so much it was like I was on ecstasy," Wikingsson tells Rolling Stone. "My jaw hurt for hours afterwards because I couldn't stop smiling." Dylan played a handful of covers, and during his rendition of Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill," Wikingsson says he screamed out "You guys are great" to Dylan and his band. "That caused Dylan to burst out laughing," the Swede recounted. "Now, I have two kids and their births were great, but him laughing onstage at some lousy f--king comment of mine was unbelievable."

You can watch Wilkingsson talks about his experience (in Swedish) at the Experiment Ensam YouTube page, or check back on Dec. 15, when the concert footage is scheduled to be posted. And you can read more of Wilkingsson's amazing quotes over at Rolling Stone.