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Grandma Ganja

3 adorable grandmas try marijuana for the very first time — on camera

"I was too busy raising kids." "I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails, and we were happy." The reasons why these grandmothers have never tried marijuana are different, but as the taboo surrounding weed has ebbed in recent years, a mutual curiosity brought them in front of the cameras for an unusual experiment — and a knee-slapping, myth-busting video. Safely ensconced in Washington state, where recreational pot is legal, the grandmas are given a bong, a vaporizer, and some snacks. Their delightful, surprising reactions were recorded:

"I can feel some tingling in my brain," one remarks after a few minutes; when they decide to play Jenga, another notes "I didn't know you could use... all... your hands." Twenty minutes in, and cannabis-infused epiphanies abound: "I could go iron for days now."

What's the final verdict from these ganja grannies? "I'd do it again... if I can get this bag of chips open."