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Christopher Nolan has revealed a 'lost chapter' of Interstellar, and you can read it right now

Interstellar is almost three hours long, but Christopher Nolan still didn't have enough time to fit in every detail of the film's sprawling story. Fortunately, Wired has teamed up with Nolan to fill in at least one of Interstellar's "lost chapters": the back story of Dr. Mann, who plays a pivotal role in the film's denouement.

The seven-page comic, titled "Absolute Zero," expands on Dr. Mann's experiences after launching into space, and details the motivations behind his actions in the film. "You're not supposed to feel this," thinks Dr. Mann, in the extreme isolation of the ice planet. "The years between are meant to slip by bearably, but they don't."

You can read the whole comic at Wired.