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Finger For Sale: Lightly Used

Sorry, Jose Canseco, but you can't sell your finger and the gun that blew it off on eBay

Former baseball star Jose Canseco claimed Monday he would soon be listing on eBay his smelly severed finger and, perhaps in a package deal, the gun that shot it off. The finger would make a perfect gift for collectors of steroid-tainted MLB memorabilia or, as Canseco suggested, could simply be used "as a stirring straw for drinks."

Yet while both items could be in high demand ahead of the holiday season, Canseco can sell neither on eBay, which prohibits all sales of firearms and human body parts. The site does allow for the sale of "human scalp hair, and skulls and skeletons intended for medical use," though a finger that dropped off during a poker tournament doesn't seem to fit the criteria.