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Do they serve PBR in jail?

Bearded Lebanese hipsters are getting mistaken for jihadis

Being a hip, follicularly endowed man while avoiding arrest is pretty difficult in Lebanon.

The capital city of Beirut is trendy and cosmopolitan, and many men have the style to match. But, NPR reports, that's causing some serious mix-ups:

Fashionable beards flourish here, but their soaring style value coincided with a spate of jihadi attacks. On a stroll 'round the streets where these young bearded men go for beers, it seems everyone has a story of a misunderstanding. [...]

"My tale is the endgame of many, many, many tales and many run-ins with the so-called security forces in our country," said emcee Hussein Sharafadine. At the beginning of this year he became notorious when he was arrested and a photograph of him in handcuffs circulated in the media.

"The cop put a gun in my head and told me, 'I'm gonna burn your beard,'" he says. [NPR]

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