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This is sad

Man says Delta lost his dog, then offered him a $200 credit

Sadly, Delta didn't lose Frank Romano's luggage, but rather his pitbull, Ty.

The Romano family was moving to Tampa from Los Angeles, and Frank decided to fly back with Ty. While waiting to board his flight, he says a Delta employee came up and said his dog had escaped his cage. Minutes later, they returned to say Ty had run away and was nowhere to be found.

Delta said Ty chewed through his kennel, but Romano looked at the photos and thinks otherwise. "To me, honestly, it looks like it was broken from the outside," he said. "Like, the metal door was off the hinges and everything. It doesn't look like a dog bit through that."

Romano says that Delta offered him a $200 credit for his loss, but that does nothing to console him. "I just want my dog back safe and sound," he said. "He's my best friend. I just want to see him again."