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Mormon bishop apologizes after declaring Harry Reid 'unworthy' to enter temples

A Mormon bishop in Los Angeles who wrote a blog post condemning Mormon Senate Leader Harry Reid as an "embarrassment" to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has since apologized for his tone.

Mark Paredes, The Associated Press reports, "expressed his belief that Democrats' support of same-sex marriage, abortion rights, and gambling runs contrary to positions" of the Mormon Church. Having gone so far as to declare Reid "unworthy" of entering Mormon temples, the bishop nevertheless recanted when his criticism drew ire from Mormon Democrats.

"I do apologize for the tone of the article, for giving the impression that I was criticizing Sen. Reid in my role as an LDS bishop, and for implying that I am in a position to judge the senator's temple worthiness," Paredes told AP, adding, "However, I can't apologize for criticizing his advocacy of certain issues and on behalf of certain interests."

Despite the fact that Paredes posted a disclaimer declaring his post to be his own personal opinion, the LDS Church issued a statement saying that it "was 'entirely inappropriate' for church officers to use their titles while publishing such political views."

Crystal Young-Otterstrom of Salt Lake City, vice chair of LDS Democrats, said Paredes’ apology has been accepted, but that the bishop should meet with Mormon Democrats and be educated, because, as Young-Otterstrom put it, "We are Democrats because of our Mormon beliefs and not in spite on them."